A Note to Our Readers

You may be wondering whether, where, and when a topic of particular concern has been or will be addressed at Called to Communion. Our fundamental approach to theological issues is to first address foundational matters before moving on to areas of theology that presuppose those foundations. We are committed to having a thorough discussion on matters of importance to Catholic and Reformed Christians. To this end, we are preparing a series of in-depth, peer-reviewed lead articles. Of course, we also cover many of these matters in our regular blog posts, which are more “free-ranging” than the planned series of lead articles. If you are looking for something on a particular topic, please check out our Index. Also, please feel free to contact us with suggestions for topics. For now, here is a working list of the areas that we have addressed or intend to address in the lead articles:

Initial Principles

Intro Article
Soli Deo Gloria
Sola Gratia

Nature of the Church

Covenant Theology
Visible Church
Ecclesial Deism

Authority of Scripture

Hermeneutics and Authority
Sola vs Solo Scriptura
The Canon of Scripture

Authority of the Church

Holy Orders and Sacrificial Priesthood
Apostolic Succession (The Bishops of History)


The Finished Work of Christ
Justification and Union With Christ
Tradition I and Sola Fide

Sacramental Theology

Nature of the Sacraments
Baptismal Regeneration
The Eucharist
Divorce and the Sacrament of Matrimony

Philosophy and Theology

Pagan Influence on Christianity
Monergism and Soli Deo Gloria
Faith and Reason

Dogmatic Theology

Creedal Authority
Church Infallibility
Development of Doctrine

The Papacy

The Early Papacy
The Papacy and Unity
Papal Infallibility

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Mother of God and Perpetual Virginity
Immaculate Conception and Assumption
Catholic Devotion to Mary

The Communion of Saints

Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead
Indulgences and the Treasury of Merit
Icons and Images

Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Theology and Spirituality
The Eastern Church and The Papacy
The Filioque

Reforms of Vatican II

Salvation Outside the Church
The “Spirit of Vatican II”