SSPX Response to Preamble Surprises Vatican

Dec 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Unity in the News

Last week the SSPX submitted a response to the “Doctrinal Preamble” that was presented to the traditionalist group in September as the possible basis for a reconciliation with the Holy See. The document allowed for some amendment or clarification, but the Vatican made it clear that the SSPX would be expected to accept the essence of the statement, acknowledging the authority of Vatican II, before the traditionalist group could be regularized.

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  1. When I was relatively new to Catholicism I ran into the SSPX. They touted juridical proofs that the Church had run off the rails. Many were sede vacantist in orientation. All had a uniform hatred of Vatican II.

    I believe that the changes in the Mass and their inability to get a good Latin Mass was also part of this issue. They had been raised with the Latin Mass, loved it, and were being denied it by the bishops who should have accommodated them. They felt disenfranchised, dismissed, held in contempt, and this was the fuel for their response.

    I weighed their input, weighed their feelings, and found St Augustine saying “where Peter is, there is the Church.” Peter was not with the SSPXers, so I stayed where I was. That was 30-some years ago and I have to believe that hearts have hardened even more in the interim. We may get some SSPXers back, please God, but my impression going back all those years is that many of them won’t return.


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