Congratulations to Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

Dec 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Blog Posts

Like our readers, the writers at Called to Communion have many calls to answer and are in some cases extraordinarily busy in our personal lives. We are so grateful for the opportunity, in this forum, to share our faith in Christ and his Church, to engage in ecumenical dialogue with our separated brothers and sisters, and from time to time to experience the ever-fresh joy of welcoming individuals who have entered into full communion with the Catholic Church.

Our modest venture in some way constitutes a distinct community, of which you are all a part. The ties that bind us together include common interests and concerns, mutually enriching debate, personal encouragement, and even a kind of friendship.┬áIt is in this spirit that I am pleased to share with our readers the news that CTC’s Taylor Marshall has successfully defended his dissertation, “Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law and the Twofold Beatitude of Humanity,” and earned his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. This is an outstanding achievement, requiring years of hard intellectual work. I can speak for every member of our project in saying that we rejoice with Dr. Marshall, and are grateful for his partnership and friendship, at Called to Communion and beyond. Congratulations, Dr. Taylor Marshall!

You can read Taylor’s announcement and acknowledgements at his personal blog, Canterbury Tales.

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  1. Congrats Tay.

    The Chill Basille has like five phds at last count..(undergraduate reference).

  2. Congratulations Taylor, I have always enjoyed your posts and look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.


  3. Congratulations Dr. Marshall!

  4. yeah, Jesus warned against being overly self-satisfied when folks call you ‘rabbi’ and ‘teacher’. He didn’t say anything about ‘doctor,’ though. So go ahead and enjoy the title — and by the way, there’s nothing particularly wrong with wearing your regalia around the house or when doing errands. Just keep the tassel on the correct side and let that hood swing low. Ah yeah, that’s what I’m talkin bout.


  5. Rabbi?!? Mine says Rabbit….Dang it. I must have somehow gotten ahold of one of those little known, yet infamous, “Rabbit” translations produced in the early 1500’s when a scribe inadvertentally mistook a crease in the parchment for a “t”…. It does have a nice authentic musty smell though…


  6. I am excited to see your latest book with “TM, Ph.D.” on the cover: too legit to quit. (I had to since Neal was goin off). Blessing to you and your family.

    Through the Immaculate Conception,


  7. Congratulations Dr. Marshall! Also thank you for your blog. As a new convert this past year it helped me alot. The posts are on a wide variety of topics, and you keep things upbeat, orthodox, and interesting.

  8. Well done Dr. Marshall! I look forward to reading through your dissertation once it shows up on ProQuest. :-) What’s next for you? Are you on the job market now, or adjuncting, or have you already found a TT job? Regardless thanks for the time and effort you’ve put in here and I’m glad to see that your time and efforts put into your studies have been justly rewarded. May many be divinely edified through your work throughout your whole life =)


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