Russian Orthodox Official Lauds Improved Catholic-Orthodox Relations

Mar 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Unity in the News

Calling for a “strategic alliance” in which Catholic and Orthodox believers act as “allies,” the Russian Orthodox Church’s chief ecumenical officer lauded the “real positive results in normalization of Orthodox-Catholic relations in recent years.”

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  1. Cautiously optimistic.

    Let’s hope a greatly diminished or controlled Greek-Catholic Patriarchate of Kyiv was not the “price” paid for recent efforts at Vatican Ostpolitik. Recent quotations of Archbishop Hilarion regarding the nature of the 1946 Stalin instigated false synod and union of the Russian Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches in Ukraine which forced the Greek Catholics underground as a “theologically legitimate ecclesial act” makes me understandably suspicious of such statements of of a growing rapproachment from Muscovite Orthodoxy.

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