Episode 7 – A Dialogue on Conversion

Aug 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Podcast

Tom Riello and Tim Troutman, former PCA members, talk about their respective conversions in this episode.  This is simply a recording of an unscripted conversation with no set topic except, generally speaking, their conversion experiences.   The topics discussed include the canon, Church authority, and the papacy.


To download the mp3, right-click here.

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  1. Could you convert this to MP3?

  2. Hello Richard,

    Done. See above.

    In the peace of Christ,

    – Bryan

  3. Thanks Bryan!

  4. Great conversation. Thanks. I no longer have the internet so I am unable to visit CTC often. But as I listen to your arguments, they sound so utterly convincing… and it makes me wonder- how do men like William Lane Craig and a whole host of other brilliant Protestants not see the same truths? I have some suspicions, particularly concerning CS Lewis’s remaining Anglican till the very end of his earthly life…

    But if anybody out there has any thoughts on this, I’d be very interested to hear. It’s funny that we Catholics should feel such a certainty in our decision to hand ourselves over for adoption into the Church, while so many brilliant men and women don’t even seem to feel the slightest inclination to join us, their allegiance to Christ notwithstanding.

    thanks. herbert

  5. Hi Herbert,

    If I could mention a blog post I made a month or two ago concerning the question you raise: http://www.devinrose.heroicvirtuecreations.com/blog/2009/07/17/what-you-said-sounded-good/

    I included Luther, C.S. Lewis, and Mother Theresa and some representative examples of your question.

    (Also, Tom Brown left a comment on that post that I found very valuable.)

  6. I thought I’d take you up on your suggestion and buy myself a copy of Ratzinger’s The Spirit of the Liturgy.

  7. Richard,

    You will not be disappointed. His discussion on the Liturgy making us contemporaries with Christ is profound. Also Scott Hahn is coming out with a book in November on Benedict’s Covenant Approach to Theology.

  8. Tom, I am looking forward to reading it. I’ve read Ratzinger’s God’s Word around eight times and each time I learn something new; he’s such a great scholar. Scott Hahn’s article on Benedict “The Authority of Mystery: The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI” is a great read as well so I’ll look forward to his book you mentioned above.

  9. Tim,

    So fascinating to hear your story. Why are these podcast’s not on the list on itunes?



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